How to Register a Salvage Title in Utah

by Tiffany Raiford
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Salvage titles are titles to vehicles that have been severely damaged by fire, floods, accidents and other disasters which have rendered the vehicle unsafe and/or undriveable. Salvage titles are also given to vehicles in cases where they are fixable, but the cost of fixing the vehicle exceeds the worth of the car itself. Salvage cars that are rebuilt or restored need new titles, referred to as branded titles.

Step 1

Obtain the title of your salvaged vehicle once the vehicle has been repaired or restored. You will need it to complete the registration process for your salvage vehicle title.

Step 2

Contact a vehicle inspector to have your rebuilt/repaired vehicle inspected. Your inspection is valid for two months in the State of Utah. Obtain an inspection report from the inspector when the inspection is complete.

Step 3

Take your salvaged title, which shows ownership, your photo identification and inspection report to your local Utah Department of Motor Vehicles to register your salvage title. Fill out any applicable forms for registering your vehicle, and provide the DMV with the vehicle identification number of your car. Wait while the DMV processes your forms and registers your salvage title as rebuilt or restored. Pay the fee associated with registering your particular vehicle.

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