How Do You Title a Vehicle With No Title in Oklahoma

by Chad Stein
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Obtaining a title for a vehicle in the state of Oklahoma can be done by completing a short form and paying a small processing fee. However, you must have proof of registration or a valid driver's license in order to title your vehicle.

Step 1

Print the "Application for Replacement Certificate of Title for Vehicle" form from the Oklahoma Tax Commission's official website (See Resources).

Step 2

Complete the form by filling in your personal information and the required vehicle details.

Step 3

Bring your form to a certified notary public and have him complete his section of the form.

Step 4

Mail your form and a check made out to the Oklahoma Tax Commission for $12.50. If you do not wish to mail your information, you may also submit it to any Oklahoma Tag Agency. If mailing, send the materials to:

Oklahoma Tax Commission Motor Vehicle Division 2501 North Lincoln Boulevard Oklahoma City, OK 73194

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