How to Register a Camping Trailer in Colorado

by Laura Gianino
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Camping trailers allow you to set up camp on the go. With the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop, camping in Colorado is idyllic; however, you need to register your camping trailer before you can begin to enjoy the great outdoors in Colorado. Current residents must register their vehicle within 60 days of purchase. New residents have 90 days to register their vehicle after becoming a Colorado resident. Make sure you have the appropriate forms with you before you head to the motor vehicle office to register your camping trailer in Colorado.

Step 1

Prepare your registration requirements to bring to the motor vehicle department. Requirements to register your camping trailer will include verifiable identification information (photo identification such as an up-to-date license or passport), proof of Colorado vehicle emissions, proof of insurance (insurance card, copy of insurance policy, or a letter from your insurance company on business letterhead), title assigned in the owner's name (or out-of-state registration) and payment of taxes and fees.

Step 2

Fill out a VIN (verification of vehicle identification number) form if the vehicle was titled in a state other than Colorado. See Resources.

Step 3

Go to your local registration office. Look online at to locate the motor vehicle office where you can register your camping trailer. Counties are listed alphabetically. Select your county from the list provided for motor vehicle agencies, addresses and contact information, as well as a map for easy navigation. See Resources.

Step 4

Pay the fee. You will need to pay vehicle title fees, registration fees and any sales tax before your camping trailer can be officially registered in Colorado. Fees will vary.

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