How to Get a Title for a Motorcycle in Ohio With Just a Bill of Sale

by Shereen Skola
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It is customary when you buy a vehicle to receive a title and a bill of sale during the purchase transaction. In rare instances, the title may be missing or unavailable. Each state has its own set of rules to address such an issue. To register the motorcycle legally in Ohio, a few steps must be followed before a new title can be issued to you, but it's not impossible to title a motorcycle without a copy of the title.

Step 1

Obtain a replacement title form from the nearest Ohio Department of Public Safety, or print one from their website.

Step 2

Transport the motorcycle to the State Patrol office and ask to have the VIN verified by a trooper, and show your bill of sale. The trooper will then sign the DPS paperwork after verifying the motorcycle is not a stolen vehicle.

Step 3

Take the completed paperwork and your bill of sale to the Ohio DPS office and present it to a clerk who will issue you a new title.

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