How to Design a Car Paint Job Online

by Carmen Laboy
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There are a number of free online resources to help you design a paint job for your car. Color wheels and graphic design tools like Pantone color scales can be used to see how colors look side by side.

Step 1

Go to a website like Nascar Paint booth or Create a Ride.

Step 2

Choose a car similar to your own from the available lists.

Step 3

Look at the color wheel or Pantone color list to choose colors you like. Make sure to copy the color number if you use Pantone.

Step 4

Save a number of copies of different colored cars from the template you choose from the Nascar website. Make more then one copy of each color so you can try different decals if you wish.

Step 5

Decorate each car differently. Try stripes, flames and checkerboard patterns as well as simple designs. Remember to save each as a separate file. Use pictures of other cars or random images you like as examples.

Step 6

Print out each image.

Step 7

Lay the images out side by side and choose your favorite.

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