How to Register a Car Club Name

by Daniel Nash
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Do you love your car? Many other people love their cars, too. Chances are many people like the cars you like and would be more than happy to join a group of people with common interests. If you can organize a car club, you may want to register your club's name. Taking this next step lends your group an air of legitimacy that will help to attract new members, particularly if you plan to collect dues or register for conventions. You can do this by applying as a corporation or nonprofit, but a good first step is to register a trademark.

Step 1

Compile a list of goods and services your club offers. Be sure to mention any benefits to membership such as newsletters, T-shirts or guides to maintenance or parts for the cars on which your club focuses. Show that your club offers a net benefit for membership.

Step 2

Design a version of your club logo that includes the trademark "TM." Slap on the standard straight-lined lettering, or design lettering that is consistent with the stylization of your logo.

Step 3

Submit your trademark application. Carefully review the trademark office's tips for filing before you send in the application. Fill out the application online with the Trademark Electronic Application System or fill out a paper form at your nearest trademark office.

Step 4

Register your car club with an online directory---such as or reach potential members. Fill out all your pertinent information, including telephone number, e-mail and address if you have one.

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