How to Get a Wholesale Auto Dealers License in New York

by Ashley Leonard
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An auto dealers license is needed to buy and sell vehicles at wholesale. An auto wholesaler purchases vehicles from the manufacturer at a discount and sells those vehicles at a franchised dealership. To obtain a wholesaler auto dealers license in New York, you will have to fill out a specific application and pay a fee.

Step 1

Download the auto dealer license application from New York's Department of Motor Vehicles (see reference). Download the Original Facility Application to apply for a wholesale auto dealer license.

Step 2

Fill out the application completely. On the application, indicate that you are applying for an auto dealer license as well as include your full name, address and type of ownership (individual or corporation), as well as answer a few questions.

Step 3

Complete Section C on the application. This section is for the surety bond that is needed to obtain your license. In that section, indicate that you are applying for a wholesale auto dealers license. If you are a new applicant and you have sold 200 vehicles or fewer, or you haven't sold any yet; you will pay a surety bond of $10,000. If you have 200 vehicles or more, the surety bond is $25,000. The surety bond company you will be using will have to complete form VS-3 (see reference), including its seal and business address. Form VS-3 must be included with your application.

Step 4

Include proof for insurance for the wholesale vehicles you will be selling. You can obtain the certificate of insurance from your agent. Submit a copy of the certificate of insurance with your application.

Step 5

Include your application fee with your application. As of 2010, the application is $37.50 and is payable by check or money order. Along with the application fee, you are required to pay a business fee of $450, which is also payable by check or money order. Make your check or money order to "Commissioner of Motor Vehicles."

Step 6

Sign the application and attach all of the supplemental documents. Mail the application to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles' office. The mailing address can be found on the application.

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