Kentucky Laws on Rebuilt Car Titles

by Sandra Jewell
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Kentucky title laws are designed to protect the buyer and seller of a vehicle. When buying or selling a seriously damaged vehicle, full disclosure must be given in writing and the appropriate documentation must be signed by the buyer. This law applies to not only automobile dealers, but to individuals as well. A vehicle is considered salvage if the cost to repair damages are greater than its value. Kentucky title laws are designed to reflect the vehicle's status.

Branded Titles

Kentucky law requires that salvaged titles be 'branded' with the words "rebuilt vehicle." Automobile dealers are required to provide notice of the salvage status by supplying the purchaser with a notice via a previous owner sticker and salvage disclosure. The law is specific---the notice must be on paper of a different color than the stickers without branded status. The disclosure must be written in a different font (at least 10 points) than a non-salvage disclosure.

Speed Titles

Speed titles are obtained at your local county clerk's office and can be mailed to you the following business day. However, Kentucky law does not permit speed titles on rebuilt or salvaged titles.

Duplicate Titles

If you have lost or misplaced your salvage or rebuilt title, you can obtain a duplicate copy from your county clerk's office. The fee is $8 (as of August, 2010) and the title is usually mailed within the next business day.

Title Process and Rebuilding

If you are considering rebuilding an automobile that has been salvaged you will first need to obtain a form from the Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles called the Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Assembled from Wrecked or Salvaged Motor Vehicles. You will need to keep all detailed receipts for notarized submission. If parts are purchased from individuals, you need to include the person's contact information along with a list of parts used and the units' vehicle identification number (VIN). After completion, you will need to complete an Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title/Registration. An inspection is then required. The new title will then be branded .

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