How to Start a Car Club

by Francis Walsh
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A car club is a great way to meet new people and share news and information about a favorite ride. If you do not have a club in the area, start one of your own. Consider making your car club specialized, for example with Ford Mustangs or Hemi engines, classic cars, or trucks. Whatever you choose hold a car show. Not only will you be able to give something back to a community of car owners, but you might be able to make some money for your club.

Step 1

Determine what you want your club to be about. A typical club will focus on only one type of car or model. Then expand or limit the club model to involve an "age" of vehicle (Classic, New), or type of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle). This feature is very important because participants will join based on their interest in this aspect of the club.The purpose of a car club is to meet with other folks who enjoy the same things as you do.

Step 2

Find a place to meet. A club can meet in front of a house, in a restaurant, or at a commercial property that allows for the gathering of cars. When you are ready to host the first meeting your car club will you be ready to attract members.

Step 3

Get the word out to the public about the new club. Post a notice at the local auto parts store or speed shop. A notice should include the name of the club, the focus of the club, and the contact information. Car clubs that include updated information online, with a website, have a better membership sign-up return and retain members longer. With or without the Internet, a new car club must let others know about what's going on, and the best way to do that is through the auto parts stores in town.

Step 4

Hold a meeting for club members and potential club members to attend. Members should meet together at least four times a year. In order to have a club that manages members dues appropriately, the club should have an agreement regarding rules and regulations of events and members. The best way to work these issues out is at the first four meetings. By year's end the club should be sanctioned and accredited by a national club association by becoming a member of the larger group. The national clubs can help inform local members on good club management.

Step 5

Produce a grand event for your new club members and potential club members to attend. A car show gives everyone a reason to spruce up their entry and get ready to have fun. Awards, foods, entertainment and prizes are all a part of a car show and each can help the club grow. The car show can be a monetary boom or bust depending on the production. Having a well-managed car show a few times a year can make the club not only sustainable but profitable.

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