When Is Best Time to Buy a New Car?

by Sheila Robinson
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Everyone wants a good deal on a new car. No matter if you want a small coupe or sport utility vehicle, it can be a big expense. Buying at the right time can make the difference.


The end of December is a good time to buy a car since auto dealerships have extra incentives and discounts. They strive to achieve an annual sales goal, so there is more motivation to offer better pricing to customers during this time of the year.

Month End

Another good time to buy a new car is at the end of the month. Salespeople have monthly quotas they must achieve in order to receive bonuses or build the dealership's overall ranking in the local community.

New Model Release Date

Purchase a car after brand new models are released. Dealerships are pressured to sell off previous year models, and as a result, higher rebates, incentives and dealer cash programs will become available to customers.

Middle of the Month

Many times, in the middle of the month there is little to slow sales activity at car dealerships. Take advantage of this since salespeople will be able to focus their attention on you, allowing you more time to check out multiple models, go on test drives and negotiate for the best price.

Saturday Morning

If a dealership had a slow sales week, Saturday morning is a good time to buy a new car. Since salespeople are pressured to sell, they will be able to get a bit more flexibility on pricing.

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