How to Return a Used Car to CarMax

by Stephanie Jenkins
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CarMax is a company that sells used cars and some new vehicles at select locations. There are more than 100 CarMax stores are in the United States and vehicles can be transferred between locations. If you've recently purchased a car from the company but decided that you don't like it or that the vehicle doesn't fit your current needs, the option of returning the car could be available to you.

Determine your eligibility

Step 1

Ensure that you still have the option of returning the car. You have five days following the purchase of your used car to take it back to CarMax for a full refund. In addition, CarMax advises that the company's salespeople won't attempt to convince you to purchase another car when you make the return.

Step 2

Inspect your car. Look for scratches and dents that weren't there when you initially purchased the vehicle. The company will only accept the used car and give you a full refund if the vehicle is in the same condition it was in when you bought it. In other words, if you backed your car into a pole two days after you purchased it, the money-back guarantee does not apply.

Step 3

Return your car to CarMax. There are no mileage restrictions for returning the used vehicle, according to a CarMax sales representative. Ensure that you have proper identification and the documents you received on the date of purchase. If another person's name appears on the purchase agreement, you must take that person with you to receive a refund. Complete all necessary paperwork to return the vehicle. CarMax issues refunds in the form of a check that you will receive on the day you return the car to the dealer.

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