How to Sell A Used Car in California

by randomgirl

You are ready to sell your car. What do you do? Private party sales on older cars can be more profitable than selling your car to the dealer. Read this article for tips on how to sell your vehicle to a private party in California.

Step 1

Fix any minor problems with the car. If the car needs major work, considering selling the car "as is" for cars worth less than 10,000.

Step 2

Get the car smogged. In California, the seller must smog any car more than 4 model years old before selling the car. If the car does not pass, then fix the car until it does pass.

Step 3

Clean the car. Thoroughly wash the interior and exterior. Consider shampooing the carpet.

Step 4

Take pictures. Take at least 2 pictures of both the interior and the exterior.

Step 5

Assess the value of your car. Check the value of your car at or Then, check to see what price similar cars are selling for in your area. Remember that the final price at sale will probably be lower than the initial listing price.

Step 6

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Download a "bill of sale" from the DMV.

Step 7

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Locate the pink slip. Fill out the attached "transfer/release of liability" form.

Step 8

Create another email address. You can put this email address on your add and you will not have to worry about getting more spam in your regular email.

Step 9

Now you need to make an ad. Be sure to include all the good things about the car as well as the make, model, year, mileage and asking price. Check other ads for your car to get some ideas.

Step 10

Post your ad on

Step 11

Agree to meet in a public place.

Step 12

Only accept cash or cashiers check. If you do not think you would be able to identify a fake check or counterfeit bills, then bring your buyer to the bank with you and have him deposit the money directly into your account.

Step 13

Sign the pink slip. Give the buyer the signed pink skip and have him fill out the "transfer/release of liability" form.

Step 14

Immediately after the sale, mail the "transfer/release of liability" to the DMV and contact your insurance company. Remember to sign the "transfer/release of liability".

Step 15

Congratulations, you have just sold your old car!

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