How to Buy a Car at a Junkyard

by Laura ONeill
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Junkyards can be a treasure chest if you are rebuilding a car or looking for a cheap car or car parts. The cars found in a junkyard will often be severely damaged, but if you know how to repair a vehicle and don't care about putting in many hours fixing up the car, it can save you a lot of money. A car can easily be bought at a junkyard by following a few simple steps.

Step 1

Find a junkyard in your area. To purchase a car at a junkyard you must first find a junkyard in your area that sells to the public. This can be done easily by looking in your local phone book or in the online version of the phone book. Call the junkyard you found and make sure they sell to the public.

Step 2

Search the junkyard for a car you would like to purchase. You will most likely want to bring friends to help you find and haul away the car you have found. If you do not know much about repairing cars, also bring a trusted mechanic to help you decide which cars in the junkyard would be best for rebuilding and restoring.

Step 3

Negotiate a price at the junkyard. If you want to buy a car from a junkyard you will probably be able to negotiate the price of the car with the person who runs the junkyard. Ask them how much they are willing to sell for and negotiate the price until you feel it is fair.

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