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by Kara Jean Kamka
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Started by Maximillion Cooper in 1999, the Gumball 3000 Rally is a 3,000-mile international drive, covering North America, Europe, and occasionally parts of North Africa and Asia. Often compared to the 1970s Burt Reynolds "Cannonball Run" movies, the rally showcases some of the most exotic and unusual cars in the world. Attracting celebrities and sports figures, the Gumball Rally is extremely selective in its application process and only accepts 120 cars each year.

Application Info and Cost

Step 1

Buy an original car. All car enthusiasts are encouraged to apply for the race, however only the most rare and impressive vehicles will be invited to attend. Participating cars can be either modern or vintage, and past cars have included sports cars, luxury cars and the occasional rare-breed car, such as a Ferrari, Rolls Royce or vintage Aston Martin. Because the Gumball Rally aims to showcase "the most spectacular array of vehicles ever built," according to the website, no criteria is given for selecting the 120 chosen vehicles as the selection varies each year.

Step 2

Visit the Gumball 3000 website to apply for the tour. Applying for the race is simple, however, you must have the car and the financial means to be selected to participate. To access the application, visit the Gumball 3000 Tour website (see Resources) and locate the application on the right-hand side of the page. In order to complete your application, you must enter in the make and model of the car you intend to drive in the tour.

Step 3

Factor in the cost of the race. Each year the cost of the tour fluctuates depending on the route. In 2008 the fee was $120,000 per car as the rally started in San Francisco and ended at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. However, in 2010 the entry fee was reduced to £30,000 as the route went from London to New York. In 2010, the rally implemented a new set of rules allowing drivers to enter either the European or the U.S. leg for a fixed fee of £12,000. The entry fee includes all accommodations, meals and events for the duration of the rally. Special events include VIP parties, race circuits and music concerts.

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