Theme Title Ideas for Car Shows

by Tammy Wood
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Visiting a car show is a must for car enthusiasts. Car shows are held mostly on weekends throughout the country year-round, often drawing thousands of people. It's a privilege to host a car show, but creating an interesting and fun theme can be a big challenge.

Review past car shows in your area so you don't repeat a theme. Consider makes and models when deciding on a theme. If most of the cars are from the '50s or '60s, you could have a "Sock Hop" theme with music and clothes from that era. Younger visitors might enjoy being exposed to the old cars and culture.

Choosing an antique car show theme will encourage car antique enthusiasts and owners to participate. The theme could include dress attire from the early '20s along with roaming barbershop quartets and string instruments. You could call the show "Summer Soiree" or "Roaring Twenties."

Organizing a car show around a specific vehicle may limit participants but draw large crowds. You could have a "Pony Party" if there's a local Mustang car club. Horseless carriage clubs are popular throughout the country, making a "Horseless Horsepower" show attractive to many.

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