How to Locate the Owner of a License Plate for Free

by Emile Heskey
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Locating the owner of a license plate for free is not a simple process. Many websites allow you to retrieve the information, although they will charge for the service. The only way to access the information for free is using the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state, although it will only provide you with the name of the person and not his address. You will need to do some sleuthing to locate an address.

Step 1

Look for clues in the license plate itself. If it is a personalized plate, can you draw any clues from this? The license plate can refer to an organization or a business that you can ask for information. Provided you have a legitimate reason for doing so, such as wanting to buy the car, a company may give you the information.

Step 2

Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles with the license plate number. Explain to an agent why you need the owner's name, and if the reason is valid, it may be provided. You may have to provide your own name in this process.

Step 3

Look up the person whose name you were provided in the White Pages or online. Once you have the person's name you will be able to find the person assuming you can research a broad area. Speak to the person on the phone and explain your business.

Step 4

Inform the police if a crime has been committed. If your car was involved in an accident, tell the police, who will search their database for the owner. However, unless there is an exceptional reason they will not share the information with you. If you are attempting to find an address to file a civil law suit, police may share the information depending on the circumstances. Consult an attorney in these cases.

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