How to Find to Whom a Car Belongs

by Samantha Kemp
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It is difficult to determine who is the owner of a car. However, if you have some information to identify the vehicle such as a license plate tag or vehicle identification number, your odds will greatly improve. For under $50, you can receive information regarding the owner's name, phone number and address for the vehicle.

Step 1

Write down the license plate tag number or the vehicle identification number. Try to receive the information free of charge if you have been the victim of a crime involving a person driving the vehicle in question.

Step 2

Call or personally go into your local department of motor vehicles office. Inform the DMV worker that you have been involved in an accident or hit-and-run incident with the owner of the vehicle in question. Copy the information down and give it to the authorities. As an alternative, contact your local police station and speak with an investigator. Tell her the circumstances so that she can locate the vehicle's owner.

Step 3

Go to Type in the VIN under the "Start Your Search" heading. Click on "Get the Carfax." Type in your information and billing information. Pay the fee, which is about $35 for one report with a credit card. Wait as you receive the report including the owner's history.

Step 4

Go to an online search company or online records search company. Submit your personal and billing information. Pay about $50 for the use of the service, depending on the company. Read the report that includes the owner's name and possible address.

Step 5

Check the area where the crime was committed if you do not have a VIN or license plate number. Look for any video cameras from local businesses or stoplight cameras. Check with the owner of the camera and ask if they can pull the security tape and write down the owner's license plate number. Provide this information to the local authorities.

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