How to Find Donated Cars for Sale?

by Jennifer Zimmerman

There are a number of advantages to buying a donated car. Donated cars are reasonably priced and have usually been examined thoroughly for problems. But not only are you saving money by buying a donated car, you are also helping a charity. Charities rely on car buyers to help them support their good works. So buying a donated car helps you and the charity. And it's no more difficult than heading down to the local car dealership.

Buying A Donated Car

Step 1

Ask your local church. Churches often take cars as donations, so they should know when the local car auction with their donations is taking place.

Step 2

Visit This site works with many charities to accept and then sell donated cars. Use the program locator to find a sale near you.

Try for the chance to participate in an auction of donated cars online.


  • Some programs will have special requirements for those looking to buy their donated cars.


  • If you buy online, make sure that you only use a reputable site.

Items you will need

  • internet

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