How to Get a Free Old Car

by Karen Taylor
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Cars are expensive. If you have your eye on a certain older model car but can't afford to purchase it outright and don't want to finance it, perhaps you can get that car for free. It will take some patience, and perhaps a little bit of luck, but finding a free old car is not impossible.

Step 1

Browse the Internet. Try sites such as Craigslist or eBay classifieds where someone may list a free car. You may have to pay transportation, however. The Internet is also full of companies that say they will give you a free car to drive as long as the car has that company's logo and prints on the outside of the car. Some may also pay you to drive that car around as well. You are basically a rolling billboard for that company.

Step 2

Win a car. Even if your chances are slim at winning a free car in a contest, you have nothing to lose for entering a free drawing or lottery for a car. Trade shows are excellent places to find such contests.

Step 3

Get a company car. Some companies will provide certain employees with a free company car.

Step 4

Talk to a charity. Many people donate their older, used cars to charities. If you are struggling financially, you may qualify for a free old car from a charity. Try places like your church or local Goodwill to start. You will need to prove that you are in need of a car and will likely also have to prove income. Individuals who typically qualify for a free car include battered women, families in homeless shelters, military families and those with physical challenges. Apply to as many places as you can and don't assume that you don't qualify.

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