Vehicle Grants for the Disabled

by Robin Devereaux
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According to the latest United States census, about one in every five Americans have some type of disability, and more than 82% of those are unemployed making the disabled one of the most poverty-stricken populations in the U.S. Individuals with disabilities and organizations that support those with disabilities often seek grants to provide physical assistance, and transportation as well as a myriad of other supports. According to the American Disability Association transportation is one of the most needed supports for handicapped individuals

Federal Mobility Grants and Federal Grants .ire are your connections to federal grant opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Some opportunities include grants for technology, employment services, basic support, advocacy, transportation, and grants that are disability-specific, for instance grants for the blind.

Free and Reliable Resources

Some free, reliable resources for grant opportunities for people with disabilities who are seeking transportation are the library at Michigan State University and the Foundation Center. Each of these resources allows you to search for grant opportunities by subject and by state, saving you wasted time. The Foundation Center also has a service available for purchase on a yearly basis that is quite comprehensive.

Other Funding

Many individuals with disabilities receive Social Security Disability benefits, SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and/or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). Individuals receiving these benefits who want to start their own business may qualify for a PASS or Plan for Achieving Self-Support. A PASS is a work incentive developed by the Social Security Administration that allows disabled individuals to set aside a portion of their benefits and save them to use for business purposes, like purchasing equipment or transportation.

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