How to Find Out if My Pennsylvania License is Suspended

by Mary Jane Freeman

You'll need to make the first move to determine whether your driving privileges have been taken away in Pennsylvania. You can contact the Keystone State's Driver and Vehicle Services in person, by mail, phone or email. You will have to pay a fee if you order a copy of your driving record to do so.

In-Person Visit

You can always walk into a local Driver License center and check your status there. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation maintains a searchable database of locations on the "Driver and Vehicle Services" page of its website. You can search locations by services provided, zip code, county or entire state.

By Mail

If you're going through the mail, you'll need to send in Sections A and C of Form DL-503, Request for Driver Information. The form is also available online from the "Driver and Vehicle Services" page at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website. Mail it and the fee to the Bureau of Driver Licensing, Driver Record Services, P.O. BOX 68695, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17106-8695. The state will accept a check or money order. If you want to expedite the request, mail it to Bureau of Driver Services, Driver Record Services, 1101 S. Front Street, 3rd Floor, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104-2516.

By Phone

You can call DVS at (800) 932-4600 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays to speak with a customer service representative. If you're calling from outside the state, call (717) 412-5300. Provide your name and Pennsylvania driver's license number.

By Email

You can also email DVS through their online contact form. The form requires your address, last four digits of your Social Security number, birth date and other personal details.

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