How to Check for a Valid Tennessee Driver's License

by Owen E. Richason IV
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In the state of Tennessee, driving privileges are granted by the Tennessee Department of Safety. When a motorist fails to renew his license or does not pay a traffic fine, his license is suspended. As of 2010, the state of Tennessee does not have an online driver's license check, so other methods must be used to find the status of a motorist's driver's license.

Driver's License Check by Mail

Step 1

Purchase a money order or cashier's check in the amount of $5. Make it payable to the Tennessee Department of Safety.

Step 2

Write a motor vehicle record request. Create a simple typed document. Title the document "Motor Vehicle Record Request (MVR)". List your full name, address, and driver's license number. State that it is a formal request to obtain your Tennessee driver's license record.

Mail the money order or cashier's check to: Tennessee Department of Safety, MVR Request, P.O. Box 945, Nashville TN 37202. Wait two weeks for a mailed response.

Driver's License Check in Person

Step 1

Visit any "Driver Service Center" in Tennessee. To find a list of service centers or the one nearest you, see the Resources.

Step 2

Give a service center clerk your full name, address, and driver license number. Ask for a copy of your driver's license record.

Wait for the clerk to bring you a copy of your Tennessee driver's record and pay the $5 fee. If your license is suspended, you may reinstate it there or by going online to the Department of Safety's website at:

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