How to Find Free or Low Cost Auto Body Repair

by Kayar Sprang

Your car got in a fender-bender. Now you need to find free or low-cost auto body repair to get your ride looking like new again. This is fairly easy if you use a little ingenuity and make a few phone calls to find repair services or training.

Step 1

Call or visit a local vocational school that teaches auto body repair. (See resources.) The instructors often will allow their students to perform the work to gain experience. Usually, you only pay for the parts and materials used.

Step 2

Call a family member, neighbor, friend or business associate who owns an auto body repair shop. You may be able to barter for free services. For example, offer to let them take before and after pictures to use for advertising purposes.

Step 3

Start a career in auto body repair. Find a training center (see resources) you can attend to learn the trade. You can then fix your own car at little cost or even for free.

Step 4

Ask around to find a low-cost backyard mechanic to fix minor damage such as dents and dings or replace the necessary parts.

Step 5

Locate a major auto body repair chain or franchise. These places often offer specials and deals.

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