How to Learn Small-Engine Repair

by Sam N. AustinUpdated September 26, 2017

The term "small engine" generally refers to gas-powered engines of 25 horsepower or less. Machines that use small engines include outdoor tools such as lawn mowers, wood chippers, gas-powered generators and power washers. Small-engine repair differs from regular engine repair work for automobiles in terms of the required training, tools and skills. You can learn small-engine repair from freely-available resources according to your preferred method of learning and on your own schedule.

Watch tutorial videos. Tutorial videos show small-engine repair experts performing specific tasks on real engines to give you a step-by-step view of how it's done.

Refer to the Small Engine Repair Reference Center. The Reference Center is a comprehensive, searchable database of small-engine repair information that you can access at no cost in most public libraries.

Find step-by-step tutorials with photographs and illustrations for specific tasks on do-it-yourself websites. Articles cover topics such as small-engine troubleshooting and oil changes.

Read free small-engine repair guides obtained from universities and colleges. These guides cover classroom-type information.

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