The Average Cost to Replace a Catalytic Converter

by Jackie Lohrey
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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a catalytic converter is the single most important pollution control device on your car. Because proper installation plays a major role in the catalytic converter's performance, the EPA has strict replacement requirements and regulations. Among these is the potential for up to a $25,000 fine for improper installation. Although there is no law that says you can’t install a replacement catalytic yourself, hiring a knowledgeable technician is the wise and cost-efficient choice if you are not a skilled DIY mechanic.

Average Cost Estimates

Unlike some repairs, most of what it costs to replace a catalytic converter relates to the part and not the labor, according to For this reason, if you choose a do-it-yourself installation, you most likely won’t save much money. Although average costs vary depending on the geographic location and make and model of the vehicle, RepairPal reports that as of 2014, the national average ranges from $539 to $875. Within this cost, the part itself averages between $341 and $624, and labor charges average $198 to $251. To get an estimate for your specific location and type of vehicle, visit a site such as, which has a free cost estimation and comparison service.

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