How to Find a License Plate Number From a Vin Number

by Brooke Pierce

The vehicle identification number is useful in acquiring the vehicle history report from your nearest motor vehicles office. the [ vehicle history report ]eport contains information on your car's model, make, year, past ownership, maintenance and servicing, damage and accidents, title, defective odometer settings, liens and license plate number. Generally, the theft --and return -- of your car is the reason you might need to find the license plate number by using the VIN. Following a few steps will help you find your license plate number from the VIN.

Locate Your Vehicle Identification Number

Look inside of the car, particularly on the driver's side. In the spot where the windshield and dashboard meet, you will see the VIN. It may also be located on a sticker placed on the driver-side doorjamb. You can also get your vehicle identification number by checking your car title. Both the car title and registration contain the VIN. Or, check with your auto mechanic or body shop, as these businesses keep records of your car’s vehicle identification number.


When you buy a car, always note the vehicle identification number so that the next time you want to refer to it, you can access it easily. This is especially important if your vehicle is stolen.

Get Your Vehicle History Report.

You have two alternatives here: Visit your local motor vehicles agency office to get obtain the vehicle history report in person. Alternatively, visit a motor vehicles agency website, where you can find your vehicle history report online. If you send someone to a motor vehicles office to obtain the report on your behalf, give him written permission allowing the agency to provide him with your vehicle history report. The written permission should include your name and address, VIN and clearly stated authorization to the agency to give the person your vehicle history report.


  • Before you visit, call the motor vehicles office to see if you can make an appointment. Some offices allow you to make an appointment even weeks before your visit, which will greatly minimize your wait time.
  • You will incur some fees at the agency office.

Read the Report.

Examine your vehicle history report for your license plate number.

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