How to File an Accident Report in Detroit, Michigan

by Tiffany Raiford
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The Detroit Police Department's main goal is to keep the city of Detroit safe. The police department asks that if you are involved in, or witness to, an emergency situation you dial 911 immediately for assistance filing a police report. If you are discover a non-emergent crime, such as a theft or an incident that occurred in the past, Detroit police officials ask that you call the telephone crime reporting hotline to report the crime rather than calling 911. Dialing 911 for non-emergencies is discouraged.

Step 1

Call 911 to report a Detroit accident immediately after it occurs. A 911 operator will dispatch the Detroit Police Department to the scene, where an accident report is written and filed on your behalf.

Step 2

File a police report for an accident or incident that has already occurred by calling the Detroit Police Department's telephone crime reporting number at 313-267-4600. Typically accidents not reported immediately are accidents with less than $1000 in damage and no injuries.

Step 3

Provide the police department with your name, address, contact information, the date and time of the accident, the location of the accident and as many details regarding the accident as you can. The police officer on the phone will write and file an accident report on your behalf.

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