How Can I Track a License Plate Number?

by Stephen Lilley

You can learn many things from a vehicle's license plate number. The plate number is registered to the vehicle's owner, which can be useful if you are trying to find someone. You can track a license plate number several ways, from doing it online yourself to contacting police.


A number of online databases will allow you to search for information on a license plate number. The sites charge a fee for each search, and the results aren't necessarily guaranteed. You enter the plate number, and the site will display whatever information is in its database about the vehicle and driver.

Private Investigators

One easy way to [track a license plate]( number is to hire a private investigator, who will have access to resources that you don't. Private investigators will charge a fee for their work, but tracking down a license plate number usually can be done relatively quickly. Check the Web or the phone book to find an investigator in your area.


If you are trying to track a license plate number because you believe the vehicle was involved in a crime, including a hit-and-run accident, call police and file a report. Police will take down the license plate number you provide and investigate.

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