How do I Send a Formal Complaint to General Motors?

by Jessica Best
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Purchasing a new car should be a pleasant experience. There are times, however; when this experience causes frustration and the proper authorities should be notified. If a consumer has a problem or issue with any type of General Motors product or services, he should file a formal complaint directly with General Motors to ensure the company is aware of the situation and give GM a chance to correct any mistakes that were made.

Step 1

Write out a formal complaint on word-processing software. This can be done with any software such as Corel Wordperfect, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works. The complaint must include information such as the name of the business, location of the business and the nature of the complaint, as well as any contact information for the buyer.

Step 2

Send the complaint Priority Mail to the following address:


P.O. Box 33170

Detroit, MI 48232-5170.

Priority Mail will provide the consumer with a tracking number and notification of when the complaint was received if requested.

Step 3

Call General Motors to follow up with the complaint a day after the company received it. This will let GM know the consumer is serious about the treatment she received. General Motors can be contacted at 800-222-1020.

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