How Does a GM Employee Discount Work?

by Lindsey Thompson
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One of the perks of being a General Motors employee is having access to the GM Employee Discount program. The GM employee discount allows employees to purchase or lease a new GM vehicle at prices not available to the public and below the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.

Eligibility Qualifications

The GM employee discount is typically only available to active employees. Some non-active employees may qualify if they currently receive a GM pension or healthcare plan, have vested in a GM pension, or were hired after 2001 and worked for a minimum of five years. Surviving spouses who receive a GM pension or healthcare plan are also eligible.

Program Requirements

When an employee is ready to purchase, he must obtain a vehicle purchase program authorization number from his online account at GM Family First. The authorization number is good for six months after requesting it. Not every dealer has to offer employee discounts and those that do may charge a $75 document fee.

Discount Features

The employee can use the discount in conjunction with other sales and specials that GM offers at the time. He can use any financial institution for lease arrangements. A current list of eligible vehicles is available at the GM Family First website. The employee discount price is listed for each vehicle under the “Employ” line. An employee can purchase up to six vehicles a year with the discount.

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