How to Track the Delivery of New Toyota Cars From the Factory

by Sean Chappell
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Whether you are a recent college grad that has landed your first corporate job, a first time driver or a seasoned driving veteran, one thing is for sure: Finding the vehicle of your dreams is an exciting moment. Buying a new car takes hours of research, shopping around and haggling with car dealers. While identifying the car that will be your next "ride" for years to come is an important moment, your desired vehicle model, color and specs may not be currently available. If you recently purchased a back-ordered Toyota vehicle, you may track it by contacting the fleet manager of your local dealership.

Step 1

Obtain your vehicle identification number (VIN) from your dealer. Ask the salesman who sold you your car for a business card, as well as one from the on-site fleet manager. Ask for a copy of the purchase order form, which contains the vehicle information. Find out the estimated arrival date of your vehicle and the current status of production.

Step 2

Call your local dealer and ask to speak with the fleet manager. The fleet manager is the person in charge of tracking and monitoring all shipments of factory-ordered vehicles.

Step 3

Give the fleet manager your VIN and ask for the status of your vehicle. The fleet manager has complete access to view the current status of factory vehicles. The fleet manager will use your VIN to search for your vehicle and will inform you of the current stage of production.

Step 4

As the estimated date of arrival approaches, call your local dealership to check up on your factory-ordered car. It is best to speak with the fleet manager, but if he is not available, call the customer experience center at the number listed on the Toyota website (see Resources).

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