How to Decode the VIN Number for Chrysler Cars

by Leonardo R. GrabkowskiUpdated November 07, 2017
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The 17-digit VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, was introduced as a means to track and record vehicles in 1982. Chrysler Corporation adheres to the 17-digit VIN, as do all other auto manufacturers. Learn how to decode the VIN on your Chrysler vehicle and determine what the numbers mean.

Look at the first number in the VIN. This indicates the country of origin. Chrysler vehicles are manufactured in the United States (1, 4 or 5), Canada (2) and Mexico (3). The first digit will tell you where your Chrysler was manufactured.

Locate the second digit of the VIN. Chrysler vehicles will have a "C" for the second digit. This displays the name of the manufacturer, in this case, Chrysler.

Find the third digit in the VIN. This displays the model of the vehicle. A Chrysler Sebring, for example, has a model code of "3." The third digit in the VIN will be 3.

Find digits 4 through 9. These digits represent unique model features, such as engine options and trim packages specific to the vehicle. Safety features and vehicle color are also encoded within these digits.

Locate the 10th digit. This digit tells you what year model the vehicle is. Starting in the year 2001, vehicles used numbers in sequence for VIN codes. The number 1 refers to 2001. The number 2 refers to 2002. Before 2001, the alphabet was used. 2000 year models have a "Y." 1999 models have an "X." Starting for the 2010 year model, manufacturers start at the beginning of the alphabet.

Find the 11th digit of the VIN. This displays the factory code where the vehicle was assembled. As of August 2009, Chrysler has nine factories worldwide that assemble vehicles. The Bramalea (H) and Toluka (T) factories build many popular Chrysler vehicles.

Look at the last six digits. These numbers indicate the build sequence for this particular vehicle. "000001" would indicate the vehicle was the first one assembled with the particular options. The sequence only records vehicles based on similar features.


Try to memorize the meaning of each VIN digit to impress family and friends with your knowledge of cars.

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