How to Check the 1957 Chevrolet VIN Number

by David Curtis
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The 1957 Chevrolet passenger car was available in three separate trim models. The trim levels were defined as the 150, the mid-range 210, and the upscale Bel Air. Chevrolet produced a limited number of station wagons called the "Nomad" which incorporated the Bel Air trim. The '57 Chevy is a popular restoration car for many enthusiasts today. You can derive limited information from the 11-character vehicle identification number (VIN).

Step 1

Locate the vehicle identification number on the driver's side door jam.

Step 2

Examine the first character of the VIN. This is the engine type. The letter V is used for a V8 engine. Six cylinder engine configurations were not listed.

Step 3

Interpret the second character. This is the vehicle model. The letter A is for a 150 model, B for a 210, C for a Bel Air and D for a delivery sedan.

Step 4

Decode the third and forth characters of the VIN. This is the manufacturing year. The numbers 57 are used for a 1957 vehicle.

Step 5

Interpret the fifth character. This indicates the final assembly plant. The letter A is for Atlanta, Georgia; B for Baltimore, Maryland; F for Flint, Michigan; J for Janesville, Wisconsin; K for Kansas City, Missouri; L for Los Angeles, California; N for Norwood, Ohio; O for Oakland, California; S for Saint Louis, Missouri; and T for Tarrytown, New York.

Step 6

Decode the sixth through 11th characters. This is the production sequence of the vehicle. The numbers began at 100001 in 1957. This is also the serial number of the car.

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