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How to Decipher a VIN Code on a 1969 Dodge Dart

by David Curtis

The Dodge Dart was manufactured by Chrysler Corporation between the years of 1960 and 1976. It was offered as a two-door, a four-door, a convertible, a hardtop, a fastback and a station wagon. The engine was offered in many different configurations. In 1969, the GTS model produced 330 horsepower from a 383-cubic-inch V8 engine. The Vehicle Identification Number can offer a lot of information about your vehicle. Follow these steps to decode your 1969 Dodge Dart VIN.

Step 1

Locate the Vehicle Identification Number, referred to as the VIN, under the driver's-side windshield molding attached to the dash or on the title. On 1969 models and up, the VIN is also stamped on a tag located on the driver's-side fender under the hood.

Step 2

Interpret the first character. This indicates the model. L designates a Dodge Dart. Other codes are B for Plymouth Barracuda, C for Chrysler Newport, D for Dodge Polara, P for Plymouth Fury, K for Belvedere, V for Valiant, W for Dodge Coronet, X for Charger and Y for a Chrysler Imperial.

Step 3

Interpret the second character. This indicates the price class. L indicates a standard Dodge Dart. S indicates a specialty Dart and P is a premium model. Other possibilities include E for Economy, M for Medium, H for High, K for a Police vehicle and T for a Taxi.

Step 4

Interpret the third and fourth characters. These indicate the body style. 21 is for a two-door sedan or coupe, 23 is a two-door hardtop, 27 is a convertible, 29 is a two-door sports hardtop, 41 is a four-door sedan, 43 is a four-door hardtop, 45 is a six-passenger station wagon and 46 is a nine-passenger station wagon.

Step 5

Interpret the fifth character. This indicates the engine code. A is for a 170 6-cylinder engine, B is for a 225, C is for a special-order 6-cylinder, D is for a 273 8-cylinder, F is for a 318, G is for a 383, H is for a 383 high-performance, J is for a 426, K is for a 440, L is for a 440 high-performance, M is for a special-order 8-cylinder, and P is for a 340 high-performance engine.

Step 6

Interpret the sixth character. This indicates the model year. The number 9 indicates a 1969 vehicle.

Step 7

Interpret the seventh character. This indicates the assembly plant. A is Lynch Road, Michigan; B is Hamtramck, Michigan; C is Jefferson, Michigan; D is Belvedere, Illinois; E is Los Angeles, California; F is Newark, Delaware; G is St. Louis, Missouri; and R is Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Take note of the next 6 digits. This indicates the build sequence and serial number of the vehicle.

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