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How to Decode Ford VIN Numbers From 1965

by Pamela Gardapee

Ford vehicles made in 1965 have 11-character vehicle identification numbers. Each character means something specific about the vehicle including the production number. In 1981, laws changed to include 17 characters in the VIN, which include more detailed information and a validation number, which Ford followed through with for vehicles made from 1981 forward.

Step 1

Look at the first character in the VIN number. For a 1965 Ford, the number is 5.

Step 2

Read the second character, which is the code for the assembly plant. Plants are A-Atlanta, Georgia; Oakville, Ontario, Canada; D-Dallas, Texas; E-Mahwah, New Jersey; F-Dearborn, Michigan; G-Chicago, Illinois; H-Lorian, Ohio; J-Los Angeles, California; K-Kansas City, Kansas; L-Long Beach, California; N-Norfolk, Virginia; P-Twin Cities, Minnesota; R-San Jose, California; S-Pilot Plant; T-Metuchen, New Jersey; U-Louisville, Kentucky; W-Wayne, Michigan; Y-Wixom, Michigan; and Z-St. Louis, Missouri.

Step 3

Read the third and fourth characters, which represent the Ford makes and body style. Falcon Standard codes are 01 and 02; Mustang 07, 08 and 09; and Falcon Futura are 11, 12, 15, 16 and 19. Ford station wagon codes are 21, 22, 24, 26, 71, 72 and 74; Fairlane is 31, 32 and 38; and Fairlane 500 is 41, 42, 43, 47 or 48. Ford Custom 500 codes are 51 and 52; Ford Custom codes are 53 and 54; Galaxie 500 codes are 62, 64, 65 and 66. Galaxie 500 LTD codes are 60 and 67, Galaxie 500XL codes are 68 and 60, and the Country Squire station wagon codes are 76 and 78. Thunderbird codes are 81, 83, 85 and 87.

Step 4

Read the fifth character, which identifies the engine type in the Ford vehicle. Two is 6-200 low compression, 3 is 8-289 low compression, 4 is 6-170 low compression, 5 is 6-240 low compression, 9 is 8-390 low compression, A is 8-289 premium, B is 6-240 police and C is 8-289. The letter D is 8-289 regular, E is 6-240 taxi, F is 8-260, K is 8-289 high performance, L is 8-427 overhead cam, M is 8-427 overhead cam, P is 8-390 interceptor, R is 8-427 high performance, T is 6-200, U is 6-170, V is 6-240, X is 8-352 and Z is 8-390.

Read the last six characters. These numbers are the sequence numbers otherwise known as the production numbers. If the number is 122222, the vehicle was the 122,222nd vehicle of that make and style to be made on the production line.


  • Look for the VIN on door jams.

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