How to Read a VIN on a 1966 Ford Truck

by David Curtis
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The 1966 Ford pickup model was the last year of the fourth generation of Ford trucks. Twin I beam suspensions, eight cylinder engines, and crew cabs were introduced during this time. The vehicle identification number build sequences all started with 000001 in each plant, resulting in many vehicles having the same build number. The uniqueness of the VIN number is found in the plant code. Decode your 1966 Ford truck VIN by reviewing each set of numbers.

Step 1

Locate the VIN. A 1966 Ford pickup has the VIN stamped on the rating plate found on the drivers door jamb. It is also found on the title

Step 2

Decode the first three characters. This indicates the series. F10 is for a F100 two-wheel drive, F11 for a F100 four-wheel drive, F25 for a F250 two-wheel drive, F26 for a F250 four-wheel drive, and F35 for a F350 two-wheel drive truck.

Step 3

Decode the fourth character. This indicates the engine size. A and 1 are used for a 240 cubic inch six cylinder, B and 2 are for a 300 cubic inch six cylinder, and Y and 8 are for a 352 cubic inch eight-cylinder engine.

Step 4

Decode the fifth character. This is the assembly plant where the truck was manufactured. A is for Ontario, Canada; D for Dallas, Texas; E for Mahwah, New Jersey; H for Lorain, Ohio; K for Kansas City, Kansas; L for the Michigan truck plant; N for Norfolk, Virginia; P for Twin Cities, Minnesota; R for San Jose, California; S for Allen Park, Michigan; and U for Louisville, Kentucky.

Step 5

Decode the remaining six characters. This is the build sequence number of the pickup.

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