How to Order a New Ford From the Factory

by Mark Ivanko

So, you paid a visit to your local Ford dealer and want to drive away in a brand-new Ford car or truck, but they didn't have exactly what you want. Not to worry, within six to eight weeks, you can have your brand-new Ford with exactly the options you want, in the exact color combination, sitting in your driveway, ready for waxing every weekend. All it takes is a bit of research, and a visit to your local Ford dealer to start the process.

Step 1

Go online, and build and price your new Ford. Build out the options, color combinations and trim level you want.

Step 2

Check online sites to see what the current market value is for the vehicle you want. Be sure to include all of the options you want when looking up the vehicle's local market pricing.

Step 3

Visit to check for current lease, financing or cash-back offers available for the specific model you want to order.

Step 4

Visit your local dealership, and test drive and touch the actual vehicle you want. If you're ordering, the dealership probably won't have exactly what you want, but make sure to drive something that's close to what you plan on ordering.

Step 5

Negotiate the selling price of your ordered vehicle with a salesperson. Also, ask about available lease and financing options available at the time of ordering.

Step 6

Sit back, and wait for your car to arrive. The usual turn around time for an ordered Ford vehicle is six to eight weeks, but this time frame varies based on the vehicle you order and your location.

Step 7

Buy the car when the it comes into the dealership. The dealership isn't obligated to hold your ordered vehicle for you, and they'll sell it to another buyer if you aren't available.

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