How to Program a Saturn Aura Remote

by Matthew Fortuna
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The Saturn Aura is one of the many popular models from the manufacturer that offers keyless entry capabilities. Once installed, this system allows owners to control the vehicle's locks, trunks, panic alarm and engine starter. Programming your remote after installation takes only minutes and will have you ready to use your remote immediately. To program your remote, you need only your ignition key, a jumper wire and your keyless remote.

Step 1

Enter your vehicle and insert your key into the ignition.

Step 2

Locate the data port underneath the driver's side panel and connect terminals four and eight with a jumper wire. These terminals are located on the top of the port and are fourth and eighth from the left side of the port. You can obtain jumper wire from Radio Shack or a number of automotive or electronics stores.

Step 3

Wait for the locks to cycle, and then press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on your keyless remote until the locks cycle again.

Step 4

Remove the jumper wire to end the programming sequence and to use your remote.

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