How to Reset the Check Engine Light on a 1997 Toyota Corolla

by Alibaster Smith
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Resetting the check-engine light on your 1997 Toyota Corolla needs to be done after you've finished fixing your Corolla. The check-engine light only comes on when there is a problem with the vehicle's emissions system or other system components of your Corolla. Replacement parts can normally be purchased at any auto-parts store. To reset the check-engine light, you can use a special tool, also available from any auto-parts store, called an onboard diagnostic scan (OBD) tool. This tool is the only tool capable of reading the trouble codes and then clearing the Corolla's trouble codes by connecting directly to the computer.

Step 1

Open the fuse panel by pulling down on the fuse-panel cover with your fingers.

Step 2

Locate the rectangular onboard diagnostic input to the left of the fuse panel.

Step 3

Connect the OBD scan tool plug to the OBD input.

Step 4

Turn the ignition on but don't start the engine.

Step 5

Press the reset button on your OBD scan tool and wait for the check-engine light on the dash to blink and then shut off.

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