How Do I Program a Saturn Key FOB?

by Matthew Fortuna
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Saturn is among the variety of vehicles manufactured around the world that features the popular keyless entry system technology. This capability allows owners the convenience and security of controlling their car starter, panic alarm, door locks and trunk from within their house or as far away as a couple hundred feet in the parking lot or on their street. Programming your Saturn remote, also known as a key FOB, can be done in just minutes and will have your system ready to use immediately.

Setting Up the Programming Sequence

Before you enter the programming sequence for your Saturn vehicle, make sure you have your ignition key, every keyless remote that you would like to program and a jumper wire. Start the pre-programming sequence by entering your car and closing all of the doors behind you. Insert your key into the ignition and leave the key in the "Off" position.

Locate the car's data port on beneath the dash board panel on the driver's side. Notice the eight data terminals on each side of the port and connect the jumper wire to the 8 and 4 terminals, which are eighth and fourth from the left side of the port on the top side. It is now time to start the programming sequence.

Starting the Programming Sequence

Once you connect the terminals with your jumper wire, the car will cycle the door locks to indicate the beginning of the programming sequence. At this time, press and hold both the lock and unlock buttons on your keyless remote. You may need to hold these buttons for as much as 30 seconds until the vehicle again responds by cycling the locks. Release the buttons once the locks cycle and that remote will be successfully programmed.

Programming Additional Remotes

Repeat the programming sequence--by holding the lock and unlock buttons--on your next remote. Do this within one minute and wait for the locks to cycle again to indicate successful programming. Repeat again with any additional remotes, up to four, and be sure to do it within a minute and wait for the locks after every remote. Once you have finished with every remote, remove the jumper wires from the data port, remove the key from the ignition and replace the dashboard panel on your Saturn.

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