How to Program a Key for a Mitsubishi Galant

by Michael Butler
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The Mitsubishi Galant comes with a remote entry key. If you lose the remote key, you will need to program a new key to work with your vehicle. Dealers might charge to do this for you. To save money, consider programming the key yourself.

Step 1

Open the car's data port located under the dashboard on the driver's side.

Step 2

Insert the key into the ignition.

Step 3

Connect data port one and four with a jumper wire. Data port one is the port in the top-left corner. Data port four is the fourth port on the top row. Ensure you connect the right ports.

Step 4

Press the car's "Hazard" button six times within 10 seconds of connecting the data ports with a jumper wire. The car doors should lock and then unlock.

Step 5

Press the "Lock" button on the remote within 10 seconds. The car locks will cycle again indicating success.

Remove the jumper wire and take the key out of the ignition.

Items you will need

  • Jumper wire

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