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How to Reset Remote Locking on an Audi Car

by Matthew Fortuna

Like many other high-end carmarkers, Audi offers the popular keyless entry remote programming on their cars. These keyless remotes can be bought as aftermarket options from the dealership when you buy the car, or they can be bought separately from automotive stores and programmed at home. These remotes can run out of batteries or lose their signal to your Audi car, and must be reset. The resetting process will take only minutes and can be done at home without a professional.

Enter your car, close all of its doors, open the driver's side window and place a key in the ignition.

Turn the key two clicks to the right to turn the car to the "On" position.

Press the lock button on the driver's side door to lock the doors.

Press the lock button on your keyless remote immediately after pressing the button on the door.

Wait for 10 seconds and for the parking lights on the car to flash and press the unlock button on the remote your are programming. The door should now unlock.

Lock the door once again with the switch on your driver's side door and press the lock button on your remote two times in quick succession.

Wait again another 10 seconds and for the parking lights to flash and press the unlock button on your remote.

Open your driver's side door and turn the key in the ignition back to the "Off" position. Remove the key and test your remote to see if the programming has worked. If it has not, try the process again.

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