How to Check If Your Title Has Been Mailed

by Daelyn Fortney
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Buying a vehicle brings excitement but also a mountain of paperwork. Upon leaving a dealership, you will have a stack of information, ranging from your vehicle's warranty to your signed financial obligation. One thing that cannot be provided by the dealership is the vehicle's title. That document will be ordered through the dealership but mailed to you by your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or similar. If it has been more than 30 days and you have not received your title, it's best to check on the status to ensure the document did not get lost in the mail. Some states, including Illinois, New York and Wisconsin, allow consumers to search a title's status and estimated date of delivery on the DMV website. In other states, you can work with the dealership or DMV to obtain the status.

DMV Website

Step 1

Open your browser and visit your state's DMV website. Search for a feature that allows you to check on your title's status.

Step 2

Enter all requested information, which can include the vehicle identification number (VIN), make and model of the vehicle, your full name and driver license number.

Submit the information. Review the results that will populate on the following web page.


Step 1

Call the dealership where you purchased your vehicle. Ask to speak to the salesperson who worked with you at the time of purchase.

Step 2

Explain that you have not received your title and you would like him to check on the status of the document. Make sure the dealership has your correct mailing address.

Verify your phone number so she can call you back with any information.


Step 1

Locate the phone number of your local Department of Motor Vehicles or similar. Call the number and explain that you would like to inquire about a missing title.

Step 2

Provide your full name and current address in addition to all requested information about the vehicle, including date and place of purchase, VIN and make and model.

Allow the representative sufficient time to look into the situation. If the title was mailed to an incorrect address, provide the correct information and ask how you can remedy the situation.

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