How to Locate Someone by Tag Number

by Charley Prescott
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If you were in a recent auto accident or an abandoned car is sitting on your property, you can pursue obtaining the tag number through a local resource like your insurance company or the police. According to the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, DMVs are restricted as to the amount of personal information they can give out and you would need to fall into one of the categories for authorized recipients of this personal information. If you were not in an accident, however, numerous private agencies are listed online that can obtain information on a tag number for you.

Step 1

Report an accident to the police immediately, so that the incident is documented. The police and your auto insurance company can provide you with the other person's insurance information, free of charge, if you have the tag number. For other situations, check out a fee-paying license search site.

Step 2

Examine the Reverse License Plate Search website. The company states on their site that you can locate a person by the plate number or the VIN. The current pricing allows you access to DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) records and enables you to use other search tools. With this particular site, you are not limited to your state; you can search all 50. If this meets your needs, select the reason you are doing the search. Click on the link that says immediate access. Enter your credit card billing information and card number. Your order is processed instantly, giving you the right to use their database of records.

Step 3

Consider the Public People Finder site. They clearly list specific states that you can find a person by plate number and state but all states are not included. Review the list of states. If this site is good for you, select the package you prefer and choose order now. Verify that the person you are attempting to locate has a vehicle registered in one of the states listed. Complete the form asking for your information and continue. Fill out the final order page with your billing information and select "complete order." Wait for your order to process and you will have access to the site records.

Step 4

Check the License-Plate-Search website. Read the details of what the site offers in exchange for your payment. The website states they offer the search for 50 states. They do charge a fee for the service, like all online companies that allow you to locate a person via tag number. Fill in the vehicle tag number you are seeking, the state and click "search" on the website. Complete the form with your personal information. Select the payment option you want to use. Pay for the information. Once the order is processed, you have access to the information.

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