How to Get Hazmat Endorsement in Alabama

by Amanda Rumble
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A hazmat endorsement is one of the endorsements that you can obtain along with your CDL. A hazardous materials (hazmat) endorsement allows you to transport hazardous materials and may be required by your employer to work with their company. You must meet federal and state regulations to get your hazmat in Alabama including a written test to verify that you have proper knowledge about hazardous materials and a security check conducted by the Transportation Security Administration.

Step 1

Go to the nearest DMV and fill out the form to apply for your hazardous materials endorsement. You must take a test on the knowledge associated with transporting hazardous materials, which you can obtain from the Alabama CDL manual.

Step 2

Apply for a "Hazardous Materials" endorsement through the Transportation Security Administration website, which is standard regardless of which state you live in. This process gives your authorization to the TSA to carry out a background check and analyze your fingerprints.

Step 3

Pay the fees to get the fingerprinting and background check conducted to the TSA at the end of the application process. Submit your application a minimum of 30 days before your CDL is set to expire. You will receive a letter informing you of the decision the TSA has made.

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