How to Get a Doubles Endorsement on a CDL

by Editorial Team

The Federal government requires each state to maintain minimum standards for people who drive commercial vehicles like semi-trucks. You must have a commercial drivers license to drive these vehicles. In order to drive a commercial vehicle with a double trailer, you must get your commercial drivers licensed endorsed by passing the doubles endorsement test.

Step 1

Get your CDL. You must pass the knowledge and skills tests for obtaining your CDL before you can get your CDL endorsed. Depending on your state's policies, you may be able to take the doubles endorsement test at the same time you take your CDL tests.

Step 2

Study for the endorsement exam. You should purchase a study guide that covers doubles endorsement. CDL Digest offers a study guide that covers the written exam, asks practice questions and provides a self-check section. The study guide also goes over coupling and uncoupling the double trailer and inspecting the air brakes.

Step 3

Know how to operate a commercial vehicle with a double trailer. You need to know the basic operating instructions like how to assemble and connect the units, as well as understanding how to handle and stabilize the vehicle.

Step 4

Realize potential problems that can occur with the commercial vehicle and the double trailer. You also need to know what potential problems your vehicle causes other motorists. Common problems include slower speed on an incline, blocking entries, splash and spray impacts and longer passing times.

Step 5

Take the knowledge test. When you are ready to get your doubles endorsement, you need to take the knowledge test. You receive your doubles endorsement once you have passed the endorsement test.

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