How to Rent a Car for a Driving Test

by Alex Huebsch

If you do not own a car or don't have access to one for your driving test, renting a car is your next best bet. Renting a car to take a driving test is a cost-effective alternative to buying a car, however, not every state will allow you to use a rental car for your test. If your state does allow it, you will be required to present a few more pieces of documentation on the day of the test. Choosing a rental car that is comfortable and is similar in size and shape to the car you're familiar with is also important for safety on the road.

Step 1

Go to the rental car agency with someone who has a valid state driver's license. Have your friend or relative rent a car similar to one you are familiar driving in.

Step 2

Your friend or relative must put your name on the insurance contract.

Step 3

Present your proof of insurance for the rental car. The rental car must also pass the safety checklist conducted by your driving test instructor. This test includes brake inspection, lights and turn signal inspection, registration and license plate inspection, as well as a number of other things.

Step 4

Take the test with your rental car.

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