Requirements for Texas Class A Driver's License

by Charlie Higgins

A Class A driver's license in Texas allows a person to drive large vehicles with a weight rating of 26,001 pounds. Applicants undergo an application and testing process similar to that for a standard driving licence except the practical test is conducted in a large vehicle. Applicants must be over the age of 18 unless appropriate driver education can be demonstrated for persons age 17.

Application Form

An application form must be submitted that includes personal details, identification documents, Social Security card, physical description, thumbprints, mailing and personal addresses, medical history and U.S. citizenship status.

Application Fee

A $26 fee must be paid at the time the application form is submitted. The fee for a Class A driver's license in Texas is $26. No examinations will be given until this fee has been paid.

Automobile Insurance

Evidence of automobile insurance and a valid inspection certificate must be supplied if you are conducting the driving test in your own vehicle.

Knowledge Test

The applicant must pass a written knowledge test that gauges knowledge of general road rules and operation of a Class A vehicle. To pass, a grade of 70 percent or better is needed. All the information needed to pass the test is included in the Texas Driver Handbook and the Class A supplement (see Resources).

Vision Test

A vision test must be passed to ensure that the applicant does note pose a danger while driving. The Texas DMV may stipulate that you wear corrective glasses while driving if your vision is in poor health.

Driving Test

A practical driving test must be taken in a Class A vehicle. This test is taken under the guide of an instructor, who will direct you and instruct specific skills that need to be performed. These may include skills such as parallel parking, backing up, turning, passing and stopping. You must this test without breaking any road laws and without deduction of more than 30 points from your score.

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