How to Get a Title for a Travel Trailer in Wisconsin

by Dan Ferrell
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When you buy a new or used travel trailer in Wisconsin, you need to register your vehicle with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT). The process is relatively fast, and you can process the title for your trailer through the mail or by visiting the transportation office in Madison or a local branch. Make sure you have the title and license plates before you take your first trip in your new trailer.

Step 1

Have the previous owner or the dealer sign the Certificate of Title or Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) for your travel trailer.

Step 2

Fill out and sign Form MV1 Wisconsin Title/License Plate Application and make a copy of the document. Store this copy for your own records. See the Resources box at the end of this article for a link to download this document to your computer.

Step 3

Call the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) at (608) 266-1466 and ask for the current fees for the license plates (if your trailer does not have plates on it already), title, sales tax and local sales tax if your town has one.

Step 4

Add up the total fees from step 3 and make a check or money order with that amount payable to the Registration Fee Trust.

Step 5

Mail your check or money order, along with the documents from steps 1 and 2, in a large envelope to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 7949, Madison WI 53707-7949 to have your title application processed. Alternatively, you can bring your application to your local Division of Motor Vehicles or visit their offices at Madison East Service Center, 2001 Bartillon Dr., Madison WI 53704. Bring current identification with you if you plan to apply in person.

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