How to Register a Camper Trailer in New York State

by Charles Hayward
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Camper trailers must be registered in the state of New York just like most other vehicles. The process for registering is similar to the process for registering any other vehicle. The purpose of registration is to ensure compliance with public roadway regulations and payment of taxes. Registering you camper trailer allows you to tow it legally on roads in New York and in other states. Camper trailers are a type of recreational vehicle, essentially a mobile living quarters. Although the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is often very busy, making an appointment saves time for your camper trailer registration.

Step 1

Insure your camper trailer. If you own a vehicle in New York, you are required by law to have automobile insurance. Add the camper trailer to your existing policy. Obtain proof of insurance from your insurance provider. Your camper trailer will not require insurance if it weighs less than 1,000 pounds.

Step 2

Fill out "Form MV-82" for registration. The form is available online or at the Department of Motor Vehicles (See Resources).

Step 3

Bring proof to the DMV that you own the camper trailer along with proof of insurance for the camper, proof that the New York state sales tax has been paid, your driver's license and the application for registration. If the camper trailer was purchased from a private party, you pay the sales tax at the DMV and receive proof of sales tax payment from them.

Step 4

Pay the registration fee, the title certificate fee, the automobile use tax and possibly the sales tax. You receive a license plate for your camper trailer, documentation of registration and a registration sticker.

Step 5

Purchase a camper trailer inspection and receive the certificate of title (proof of ownership). An annual inspection of your camper trailer is required. The initial inspection must occur within ten days of registering your vehicle. The Department of Motor Vehicles mails a certificate of title to you within 90 days of registration.

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